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Wilhelm's Insult Poem

Short Description: 

Written as a gift.

Poem (Canso): 

Wil would be a woman 
Were lords not so sword-bound.
So spear-shy he does seem;
Shield-maidens have slain more.
Dorian, poor damsel
Does dote on the poor fool,
Though two terms from touching
There be no seed to show.

Dainty, for a Deutschmann;
Do dandies fancy quills?
Minstrels move for maidens – 
Men jest of their mischief.
Why, then, would our Wilhelm
Want naught to give them thought?
Tightly tailored trousers
Testify of nothing.

Justly I joust this joker,
Jilting his sex and king.
Look long at the lord’s loins;
Let all know what shows then.
Beneath beards and boasting,
Betrays a lady’s face.