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Ducal Silver Sonnet

Short Description: 

Written as a gift.  Love poetry isn't my strength.

Poem (Canso): 

Now come together, gentles far and wide
While still the summer sun blesses the land.
Come boast and feast; come now to share the pride,
The union of the Stag and Meslisande.
The year was long ago, called silver hence
When our two lovers came this day to wed.
From renewed life and love, this is from whence
Out of her heart, she mothered and she led.
With her hands, she sewed and glory brought,
This lady who to service gave her soul.
While Talymar took up his sword and fought –
But in their minds, they strive for the same goal.
Come celebrate their love, strong as before
As we wish for them a lifetime more.